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The Big ‘Ole Bun Tutorial

Step 1 : Using a flat brush, smooth all hair into a ponytail at the very top of your head, To get proper tension on the back of your head, you may need to tip your head down to extend your neck.

Step 2 - 3 : Backcomb the hair into a fountain-like shape, fanning the ponytail out and concentrating on the underside of all the strands. Once complete, your hair should look GIGANTIC like in photo.

Step 3. 4 : Use your flat brush to smooth the surface of the hair out GENTLY, taking care not to disrupt any of the backcombing underneath.

Step 5 - 6 : Wrap the ‘loose ends’ of your backcombed ponytail around the bulk of the bun, smoothing and molding the shape as you work. Pin ends under/into the giant backcombed bun. The more pins, the more security.

Step 7 : Use your fingers to detail the shape, to achieve your desired shape.

Step 8 : Use a paste or wax of some kind to gently smooth back baby hairs and flyaways around your face and at your back hairline.

Step 9 : Reinforce the smoothness of the ponytail by spraying and smoothing the hair TOWARD the bun and lock in the bun with hairspray. and Admire your handiwork !

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