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4 Common Eye Makeup Mistakes

Not Using an Eye Primer
The virtues of a pre-foundation primer have been drilled into us pretty hard by now, so why do so few of us utilize one for the eye, too? The premise holds up: a primer creates a barrier between product and skin, not only to keep it on for longer, but also for skin protection. Shadows, crèmes, pencils, and gels can be drying on the lid so for the best canvas possible (minus creases), apply a skin-smoothing primer.

Not Blending Eye Makeup
Do you shy away from even trying a smoky eye look now because you just can’t get the colors blending right? For the perfect gradient (read: no muddiness between the shades), you can’t just use the same brush that you applied them with. Application brushes contain more densely packed fibers so that you can press color onto the lid for longevity, however a blending brushfeatures soft bristles in a dome shape, perfectly for sweeping color outwards, blending up into the crease or gently merging two shades.

Not Using Tape To Get The Perfect Cat Eye
Liquid eyeliner is tricky, but if you’re spending four hours every Saturday night trying to match up your flicks to the perfect symmetrical degree, you are wasting your time. Even top makeup artists cheat with Scotch tape! It’s one of those duuuh tricks that once you start, you’ll never stop.

Not Using The Right Eye Makeup Remover
Heavy removers that are sold on most shelves leave behind a “sludge” residue that sits on the top layer of your skin and can travel into your eye for a damaging effect. Also, any moisturizer or eye cream you spend the next five minutes carefully patting into your skin just can’t get through the heavy, oily film. Try this DIY: Natural Eye Makeup Remover that won't hurt your skin.

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