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5 Summer Hairstyles to Try

Not every summer hairstyle involves tousled waves or braids. Instead go for this ponytail look that's great for getting through a humid night. First, give yourself a deep side-part. Then, tease the back of your hair for a little volume. Secure in a ponytail holder and you're all set!

Want the loose fishtail braid look? This is a great trick to creating a tight braid, even though it will look loose. Thanks Lauren Conrad!

This is the perfect fresh-out-of-the-pool/ocean/lake look. Just do two layers of french braid and leave the rest loose!

If you want to incorporate a flower in your hair without the whole flower crown, this is a great option. Do a quick loose braid on one side and don't worry about leaving out loose pieces. Wrap a ponytail holder in low and add your choice of flower!

This is a perfect festival look. It's also really simple (the number of steps is deceiving), so try it out and rock the boho chic look all day.

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