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6 Pretty & Chic Braided hairstyles

Braids: They’re a red carpet favorite that we all love, but hands up if you’ve steered clear of ever attempting braid because it just looks too complicated.

Most of the time they’re deceptive: Most braid looks are simply a combination of a few steps put together and are surprisingly easy to master. Minimal work, for maximum payoff! Here are some of our faves…

1. The Cornrow Braid.

Naya Riviera looks stunning with this braid, and while they are large sections, it’s essentially a cornrow effect that you can skill up pretty quickly on.

2. The Embellished Bun Braid.

A prime candidate for a braid that looks intricate, but when broken down is actually a cinch. There are hairpieces involved here — the lilac strands wrapping the bun are definitely more vibrant than Kelly Osbourne’s usual hair, however this is really just a simple French braid look, wrapped up at the ends and adorned with spike pieces.

3. The Milkmaid Braid.

A classic braiding style that will never not be on-trend. A red carpet go-to, the milkmaid braid can turn any avant-garde outfit classic, and you know what? It's really, really simple to create.

4. The Fishtail Braid.

We’ve waxed lyrical about the wonders of the fishtail here before. It’s a true five-minute hairstyle that looks tricky, but is wonderfully simple to maneuver once you’ve got the hang of it.

5. The Loose Side Plait Braid.

When you want to go a little more casual, or ethereal, a braid like Selita Ebanks’ here should be your go-to. This one’s great when you can never get the back of your head looking as good, because it’s designed to be free flowing and messy.

6. The Tight Plait Braid.

Like Katy Perry demonstrates here, this type of braid requires a little clip-in assistance, but can be pulled off in a flash.

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