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a Guide to Friday Night Makeup

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday … we’ve been fans of the best day of the week way before Miss Black made it her anthem, thank you very much. Though Monday has been touted as the day for a “fresh start”, we think Friday marks a new sort of beginning as well – a nightlife renaissance of sorts, if you will.

Friday marks the start of yet another weekend filled with new adventures and possibilities (preferably ones that don’t involve eating Nutella out of a jar on Sunday morning, but we’re not ones to say no if it happens). Since there usually isn’t much time between running from your day job to happy hour to wherever else the night takes you, we’re sharing four tips for all the busy girls out there to help you stay looking fabulous all night long. Round of drinks, anyone?

Stain Over Stick

Picture this – you’re smiling charmingly (or so you think) at the dark-haired stranger across the room and suddenly catch a glimpse of your reflection. You’re horrified to realize that the image of coyness and sophistication you thought you were projecting is overshadowed by the fact that your lipstick has somehow traveled and settled into an unflattering streak above your mouth…and on your teeth. You curse the lipstick gods – and the last Cosmo you ordered.

To prevent this nightmare from ever becoming a reality, we have one word of advice – avoid lipstick altogether on your crazy nights out. Instead, try a tinted balm like Maybelline Color Whisper for a sheer wash of color, or a stain like YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain if you want something more pigmented. To really help your color stay put, use a lip liner to lock everything in place. Your lips (and the stranger across the dance floor) will thank you.

Let It Move:

We have a very delicate relationship with hairspray – just enough and it keeps our gorgeous ‘dos in place for hours, but too much and our locks become one giant, crunchy sculpture. If your Friday night involves dancing or bar hopping, we recommend you skip the time-consuming curls and go with a touchable, textured look instead. Like it or not, perfect curls are most likely not going to be there for you after you’ve screamed “THIS IS MY SONG” for the tenth time that night – it’s a tough pill to swallow, but we’re here for you.

Put your damp hair into braids as you apply your makeup; after you take them out, skip the hairspray and use a texturizing spray or powder instead for a pretty, tousled look. Scrunch, use a straightener to add any extra curl and feel free toss that sexy, moveable hair to “your song” as much as you’d like.

Prime Time

The melted makeup look is no one’s friend – especially during a night out on the town. To keep your face fresh and pretty all night long, we recommend using the ultimate makeup savoir – primer. There are all sorts of primers, but they all have one job: to keep things in place. Though it might feel like you’re adding an extra step to your skin routine, they’ll actually save you time in the long run.

Get Your Glow On

To save time in your beauty routine and give yourself that glow-from-within look, mix your foundation with a dab of highlighter like Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer before applying. The light-reflecting particles in the highlighter will boost your skin’s radiance and leave you with a dewy, pretty sheen.

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