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Are You Washing Your Hair Correctly?

Ask 10 different hairstylists how to properly wash a head of hair, and you'll get a ton of different answers. This is a topic that stylists are very passionate about! I asked some of my favorite stylists for their best hair washing advice.

"Washing your roots 2-3x a week is more than enough. Volumizing shampoos aren't recommended. Save the volumizing for the styling line. When you shampoo, you want to focus on moisture. Since using detergent on your hair isn't natural, you want to replace the oils you've lost with good quality conditioners and moisturizers." - Arturo Swayze from the Arturo Salon

"The best way is to use a gentle shampoo twice a week. Then once a week, use clarifying shampoo followed by a conditioning treatment. Get a few processing caps from the salon and leave it in under a cap for 20-30 minutes. Jump back in the shower and use a dangling brush while you rinse it out." - Dominic Commisso from Commisso and Company

"There are so many variables in determining how often to wash your hair, how processed your hair is, how often you work out and sweat etc., but I would say a good average is every other day to every two days. It is good to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner coupled with a volumizing styling product so you get the moisture without losing the fullness. Hair washing brushes aren't necessary. Your fingers can sufficiently cleanse your scalp.

Using a brush with rough bristles can actually irritate your scalp and cause it to be more dry, so save your money, the pads of your fingertips do the job and are free!" - Vernelle Murphy from Salon V

"I think it really depends upon your own hair. I have to wash my hair every day. If I don't my hair gets so greasy and out of control, while one of my really good friends only washes her hair once a week and it looks fabulous every day. It really depends on the level of dryness of your own personal hair." - Meg Raiano from meg.

"Only apply shampoo to your scalp and massage gently down to the ends then rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner starting from mid-length bringing down to the ends, gently comb or brush with a washing brush. Rinse with cool water to close the cuticles of your hair.

How often you need to wash your hair depends on the hair type, if the hair is oily it may need to be washed daily. Normal to dry hair should be wash 2-3 times a week, always using products recommended for your hair type by your hair stylist. You should use a daily product and once a week or every other week use a treatment that is appropriate for your hair." - Natalia Lahud from Salon Sora

"There is no answer that fits all. The question to ask is 'what is the client's hair type?' The answer to that question will lead directly to the answer as to how often hair should be washed. I think it is useful to alternate the shampoos.

And yes, I do recommend a brush for wet hair. It reduces pulling on wet hair preventing it from breaking and helps to detangle hair." - Vikki Parman from Di Biase Hair USA

"Wash for your type/texture and lifestyle as well. For example, if you're sweating up a storm in spin class, always sporting a baseball cap or just have an oily scalp, washing only once or twice a week will not be ideal for you. However, every time you do wash always reach for a sulfate free formula. Leave the suds for the dishes, not your hair! I personally alternate my shampoo and styling formulas. Some days, I may need more moisture, others more 'oooph' with volumizers." - Regina Ventimiglia from Skin Care Absorbed

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