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Contouring and Highlighting

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When i first saw this picture of Kim Kardashian i thought what on earth is going on she looks scary!! Contouring looks scary! But once you read a few how to's its actually really good! It really transforms the shape of your face!

I have only just started to try out contouring and highlighting so i am by no means an expert on how to tell you how to do it so i've found this you tube tutorial for you if you want to give it a try and also if you have a quick search on pinterest there's heaps of how to's!

I find video's really helpful when learning about make up as you can see exactly how things are applied rather than you interpreting how to apply it from a picture!

Its about 10 mins but worth a watch and you obviously don't have to contour as heavily as she does as she said its for a night time look but you can take the how to and apply it to your own make up routine in a look that suits you!

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