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How to Make Your Makeup Sweat-Proof

Whether you’re going to Coachella or preparing for an upcoming summer getaway, it’s important to adjust your beauty routine as the temperature starts to rise. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your makeup won’t cake and your mascara won’t run—even in the hot-and-stickiest of weather. Here is some melt-proof makeup tips:

1. Prep with primer:
For a fresh and dewy complexion that truly lasts all day, always prep with primer before applying foundation. Look for a primer that contains silicone (the key ingredient in most long-wearing formulas), which will act as a barrier between humidity and your skin.

2. Choose a silicone-based foundation:
As with primers, silicone-based foundations are truly the longest wearing and the very best option when met with moisture.

3. Cream, please:
Play off the heat and use a cream shadow and cream-based blush instead of powder versions. Cream products give you a nice, natural looking glow and they won’t get cakey. Look for long-wear versions for added insurance.

4. Use a waterproof concealer:
If mascara is the only waterproof product in your makeup bag, then it’s time to do a little shopping. A densely pigmented, waterproof concealer will hide dark circles and blemishes, even in extreme heat.

5. Mind your lashes:
For lush lashes and liner that won’t run, use a waterproof liquid liner and waterproof mascara. Raccoon eyes are never a cute look.

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