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Quick & Easy Face Framing Curls

Step 1 : Spray the damp roots with a thickener. Twist pieces of hair and pin them back. Then, blow-dry each one with a round brush, bending the ends under.

Step 2 : Take a 2-inch section of hair from the front of your head and mist it with medium-hold hairspray. then Curl it with a 1-inch-barreled curling iron, hold it for 5 seconds before releasing.

Step 3 : Roll the ringlet up around your finger to create a circle, and secure with a clip that won't form creases, then Repeat, until all your hair is up.

Step 4 : Let the pinned curls cool for 10 minutes to help set the style. then unclip the bottom third of your curls, spritz them with hair spray, and lightly brush the ringlets into waves with a paddle brush.

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