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Trade Your Towel For a T-shirt To Fight Frizz and Prevent Hair Breakage

Sometimes it’s the simplest beauty tips that make the biggest difference. Today I am going to share an easy trick for sleek and shiny tresses. This frizz-fighting tip is pretty ingenious, but it’s also so simple that it will have you wondering why you didn’t think of it earlier…

The Towel T-Shirt Swap

The next time you wash your hair, try swapping out your towel turban for a soft T-shirt. While drying your strands with a typical bath towel can lead to frizz and even breakage, a clean cotton tee causes less friction and therefore less frizziness. It’s the perfect texture to absorb water without damaging your hair.

You can use an inexpensive white undershirt or even an old sleep shirt you already have in your drawer. Just keep your mane wrapped in the tee for about 10 minutes, then comb through your hair, and style as usual. This tip will be especially life changing for girls with curly hair, but it works wonders on my straight strands too.

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