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6 Surprising makeup Color Combos To Update Your Look

let’s look at some color combinations that maybe shouldn’t work, but really, really do:

Bronzed eye, Nude Lip

If you don’t look like Olivia which, let’s face it, most of us don’t this color combo of nude on nude can be tricky. Executed the wrong way, it could wash your complexion out. If you do it right, though, the result is gorgeous. For we mere mortals to pull it off, we need to pump up lashes with a lengthening mascara or load on a splash of black liner to anchor the look.

Blue Eye, Rich-Red Lips

The blue shadow works with her blue eyes perfectly, while the oxblood lip offsets the look. Clashing the textures works in her favor here her bold, glossy lip is the focus, while the matte shadow tops it off.

Green Eye, Red Lip

Of course she pulls this off there isn’t a makeup shade in the world she can’t wear. But she also demonstrates that there is place for green and red synchronization in your makeup bag of tricks and that it won’t make you look like a Christmas tree. Lupita makes it work by keeping both tones muted: the eye is a fresh and flattering shade of forest green, while her lipstick shade (her makeup artist used Lancome Rouge in Love in Rouge Valentine) has been tapped on with fingertips for a soft, natural effect.

Gold Eye, Pink Lips

Why should you have to leave your lids bare when wearing a show-stopping lip? Allison proves that metallic eye shades work amazingly with a bright lip color and a load of lashes. To make this work, hold off the glossy pout and stick with a matte shadow so the whole look isn’t color overload.

Metallic Eye, Brown Lips

Kim K. in 90’s brown lipstick? This is a first! Most of us would probably pair this (still quite daring) lipstick shade with muted down, natural makeup… but that’s not Kim’s style, is it? This combination works because the shimmer metallic on her eyes and cheeks revs up the matte brown lip shade instead of playing it down like you might expect. She was also smart to choose a red-toned brown instead of a chocolate shade, which would have looked too matchy with her brown eyeliner.

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