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Applying Blush for Your Face Shape

Square Face
For a square face stick to the classic blush application of circles on the apples of your cheeks, which will soften an angular face. “Concentrate on the apples and blend outwards for a soft look. Be careful not too blend too far out horizontally, as this will widen the face,” Walsh says.

Round Face
Applying a round circle on the apples of your cheeks will make your face appear even rounder, so instead apply blush “slightly lower down and towards the outside to thin the face,” Walsh says. Think “almost, but not quite under the cheekbone.”

Long Face
“With a long face there’s more room for blush, so start under the pupils and blend to the middle of the cheeks. Make it a bit thicker, more of a slight semi circle or straight line,” which will make your face appear shorter, Walsh suggests.

Oval Face
“An oval can basically get away with anything,” Walsh says. She prefers “a semi circle from the inner brow line to the cheek. Avoid the common mistake of putting blush under your cheekbones, which is where your contouring should be. “Think light flush not full on windburn!”

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