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How to Apply Eye Makeup

1. Toning up:
The first step in eye makeup is to tone up the eyes with a foundation or concealer. This evens out the color of your eye. Since some people tend to have dark circles under their eyes and the upper eyelid region, concealer is the first and most important step. Settle the concealer with powder.

2. Eye shadow:
Eye shadow can be applied in a lot of ways. So, choose the colors according to the style that you want to create. The two most popular styles in the present day are smokey eyes and nude eyes. Use dark colors on the sides of the eyes and the center should be done in a lighter shade. Always remember to blend in the two shades perfectly so that a demarcating line is not evident.

3. Mascara and eye liner
This involves three stages. Firstly, apply a transparent eye liner that brings in an elongation and curl of the eyelashes. Let it dry. Apply your main mascara either in conventional black or any other color. 
Mascara should be applied on bottom lids as well. Copper, browns, blues and purples are the most popular colors although women who want to experiment can go in for greens as well.

After the mascara is set, apply the eye liner. Always keep the eye liner parallel to the curvature of the eye to apply it perfectly. You can also give a line of eye liner just below the lower lashes. Although some people advocate curling eye lashes with a blow dryer, abstain from it because hot air is not good for the eyes.

4. Kohl
Kohl or eye liner is used to line the inside of your lower eyelids. You can use a shade matching your mascara and eye liner. For smokey eyes, use black kohl and blend it with the eye liner applied to the bottom lids.

5. Brows
Line the area just below the brow with a light color so that the brow and lid area are both highlighted. Highlight brows with dark eye shadow and give them a nice shape.

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