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How To Get Bigger, Brighter Eyes

Pretty much all girls dream of having gorgeous eyes, as this is the most noticeable part of your facial features and it can make you look stunning. The key to having brighter eyes is to first establish your eye type - are they small, big, wide, deep set.. and the colour of your eyes.

Be happy!
Everyone's eyes appear bright and sparkling when they are laughing, joking and smiling, so make the most of them and let your hair down and have fun. And lets face it, no ones eyes look attractive when they are crying, depressed, angry or tired.

Wear appropriate eye makeup for your eye type:
No matter what for all eye types don't overdo it. To make your eyes look wider, use black Khol pencil to line your water lines and wings of your eyes, and use an eyeshadow which enhances the colour of your eyes. Brown eyes work best with purple, plum, brown and peach eye shadows, generally anything earthy which will highlight your skin tone and bring out the colour of your eyes, which will make them appear brighter. Blue and grey eyes work best with pink, grey and neutral eye shadows because these make the white area of the eyes appear much brighter, therefore enhancing the colour of your eyes.

Big eyelashes also draw attention to your eyes:
Fake eyelashes work well for the evening, parties and special occasions, but for the daytime it is best to use a good lengthening, thickening mascara. Start at the base of your lashes in the middle of your eye, and drag the brush upwards to create the long effect, and then work your way out to the outer edge of your lashes, adding more mascara on the outside to create the image of wider, elongated eyes.

Make sure you get enough sleep:
If you don't, you will end up with puffy eyes and bags in the morning which will never make your eyes look attractive.

Also, ensure that you are taking your eye makeup off correctly:
Panda eyes from last nights eye makeup look awful, so make sure that before you go to sleep you remove your eye makeup using a makeup wipe and wash your face with facial wash until all of your makeup is removed.

Eyebrows also play a key role in the look of your eyes:
If you have out of control eyebrows, go and make an appointment with a beautician as they will be able to give you a professional finish and they will know which shape of eyebrow is best for your eyes. During the week also make sure that your pluck any odd hairs which are not in the right place, and set your eyebrows in the morning by spraying a small amount of hairspray on an eyebrow comb and running it through your eyebrows until they are in the desired shape.

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