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10 Ways To Grow Longer Hair Faster

One day I saw a bob hairstyle in a magazine and decided to go for it! So, I got rid of my long and shiny locks and was happy with my new, easily manageable and cute bob hairstyle. But, as the time went by, and I started to miss my long hair. So, I started to look for answers to the question that many ladies ask: “How to make your hair grow faster?” If you are in similar situation, or you just wonder what makes hair grow faster, let me share with you some tips:

3) Brush your hair every day for 1 or 2 minutes, do it every morning and every evening to stimulate circulation in your scalp.
Make sure to massage your head gently, it’s not working by a principle “the harder you push the faster it grows!”. Remember, never brush your hair when it’s wet, because it can damage your locks and cause breakage. We don’t want it, because we love our hair, right? :)

4) Massage your scalp every time you shampoo your hair.
Do it gently, use your fingers, massage your head for about a minute or two, push and move the skin around your head, it will stimulate the blood flow and help your hair grow faster.

7) If you want more tips on how to make your hair grow faster, try warm oil scalp massage.
It’s a very easy trick, but it works wonders! Just heat up a little bit of oil (my preferred oils are: linen oil, olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil and jojoba oil); never boil the oil, slightly warm it up, so that it’s pleasantly warm and comfortable to touch, then, massage your scalp with this treatment. If you have a friend or, better, a lover, this can become even more pleasant! Ask them to massage your head, gently going through the roots of your hair in circular motions. This scalp massage can last for about 20 minutes, then spread the oil on the length of your hair, wait for about half an hour and wash your locks thoroughly. Not only this experience is very relaxing, but also, you will love the result. This treatment works wonders for the hair growth and makes your tresses look very shiny and healthy.

8) Care for your hair while you sleep.
Probably, you are wondering – how in the world is it possible to care for my hair while I sleep? Yes, it’s, actually, easy as pie. First of all, never sleep with a tight ponytail or a tight braid, it definitely won’t help your hair grow faster and can even cause breakage of your hair and pains in your scalp. Make a loose ponytail instead. And second tip for a night hair care is – try to sleep on a silk pillow case, it won’t cause friction and it’s much kinder to your hair, than cotton pillow covers. And, by the way, silk pillow is not only beneficial for your hair, but also for your facial skin. What a wonder is this silk! Healthy and shiny hair plus wrinkle free skin! Just perfect!

5) Here is another simple hair mask that will help your hair grow faster: for this treatment you’ll need some potato juice!
Yes, i know, it might sound strange, but it works! Isn’t it the most important?! At least, potato juice smells better than an onion juice, right? (Onion juice can be really great in helping boost your hair shine, as well as hair growth, but it smells horrible, and that smell won’t go anywhere for weeks! This is the main reason why, I don’t recommend you using onion juice for hair growth, nor for any other hair treatment!). So, how to make our potato hair mask? Juice 2 big potatoes, add 1 table spoon of honey and 1 egg yolk. 
Apply this mixture on your hair (mainly on the roots), wait for half an hour and wash your locks, as you usually do. This hair mask is amazing and it’s all natural!

6) Healthy and beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp…It’s logical, right? This is why it’s important to take a great care of your scalp!
Here is one easy tip: never apply a hair conditioner on the roots of your hair! Not only it will cause the loss of volume and your locks might get oily very quickly, but also, some hair conditioners contain waxes and silicons, and if you apply them on your scalp, it can prevent the skin on your head from breathing and clog pores. Conclusion: apply your hair conditioner only on the length of your hair.

1) Here is extremely great and efficient hair mask, which will not only help your hair to grow faster, but also will make your locks look more shiny, healthy and beautiful.
Mix in a small bowl: 1 egg yolk, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil (or linen oil) and 1 table spoon of vodka (or cognac). Massage this mixture into the roots of your hair and then, spread to the lengths; wait for about 40 minutes. (For better results you can put a shower cup on your head and cover it up with a towel, but make sure that your special someone doesn’t see you wearing this extravagant “construction” on your head, it might not look that seductive :D). After the 40 minutes, wash and condition your hair, as usual. You will be astonished with amazing results!

9) Want to know how to make your hair grow faster? Try castor oil hair treatment.
It’s all simple: just massage your scalp with castor oil and leave it overnight; then, the next morning, wash and condition your hair as usual. Do this treatment once or twice a week for couple of weeks and you will be astonished by the amazing result! It works wonders for hair growth! Also, castor oil can help you to grow longer lashes and thicker eyebrows!

10) Vinegar rinse.
Not only vinegar can help boost your hair growth, but also it can tremendously change the appearance of your locks – of course, for better – hair becomes shinier, stronger and healthier! Add 2 table spoons of vinegar into 1 litter of water and rinse your hair with this “self made healthy conditioner”, do it as the final step of your shampooing/conditioning process. If you aren’t a fan of vinegar odor – add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil into your vinegar rinse (or you can mix lemon juice with water instead of vinegar in the same proportion). Great and simple, all natural, but most important – it works!

2) Want to know how to make your hair grow faster? – Eat protein!
Not only our exterior efforts, massages and sophisticated masks are important, but also, if you really want to have thick and beautiful hair, watch what you eat! Did you know that food can make a tremendous difference in how fast your hair grows? Protein provides a building material for your locks to grow quicker, look healthier and be stronger, so include in eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, red meat, etc…include these into your balanced diet. Eat healthy. Your hair will say: “Thank you!”.

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