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How to get hair to grow past a certain length

there are many simple practices you can do to help your hair to grow to its greatest potential.

First of all, vitamins are key…period. Your hair only thrives on nourishment to your body. 
Eat healthy foods and consider taking vitamins for faster growing hair, which are filled with nutrients, minerals, and amino acids that are perfect for ensuring your hair will grow and thrive in the anagen phase!
Second, stay hydrated. Our bodies are mostly made of water and making sure that you stay hydrated will help your hair to grow and to help prevent dryness.
Third, relax and de-stress! Calming your mind and your body are proven methods to help your hair to grow faster and longer.
Fourth, notice your environment…all of it, for both your body and your hair. Are you exposed to smoke, excessive sun, and other factors that could harm your body and your hair? Also, is your hair exposed to trauma from styling? If so, give both your body and your hair relief from all of these as much as possible.

For those of us who have felt doomed because our hair will not grow after a certain length, breathe and relax! Even though our hair is created to grow during a certain period of time, we have so much control over how long it can grow during that phase. By taking care of yourself and your hair, you can give your hair all that it needs to thrive and to grow its absolute best!

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