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5 Easy Everyday Hairstyles

It’s way too easy to get complacent and go out with your hair either up in a pony or down all the time. These are a few simple Hairstyles that you can do quickly before you rush out your door. None of them require a lot of time or knowing how to french braid your own hair! So these really are doable everyday!

Braided Half-Up

Everyone can do a simple half-up look, but add some braids and it goes from boring to super cute! Source

Front Twist

This hairstyle is super easy to do in a few seconds and looks super girly and cute! Source

Sock Bun

Everyone has probably seen this, but seriously y’all it’s SO easy so start doing it if you already are not! I like how the one in the picture doesn’t look too presumptuous! If you’re not ready to wear a huge top knot or bun on the top of your head, start with a lower bun it truly is perfect for everyday wear. Source

Mini Braid

Update the simple side braid with an easy addition: micro braids! Source

“French” Twist

I stink at french braiding my own hair so I like to “french” twist my hair instead! The girl in the video doesn’t speak English, but it’s easy to understand just by watching how she does it! Source

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