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10 Overnight Beauty Treatments

Often, because of hectic lifestyle, many ladies don’t have much time to take care of their hair, skin, nails, eyes, lips, etc. Today, let’s discover some overnight beauty tips that can work for your beauty while you sleep. So, how to be more beautiful in the morning? Let’s begin:

Care for your hair while you sleep
Well, there are many beauty treatments that you can use at night. One of my favorites is to make a nighttime nourishing and rejuvenating hair treatment: take your favorite leave-in hair conditioner or hair mask and apply it on your already washed, damp hair (apply only on the length avoiding the roots) and leave it on overnight. You can wrap you hair in a scarf to protect your pillowcases. When you wake up, rinse your hair with water and enjoy silky, smooth and nourished locks!

How to make your hair wavy overnight?
This “old school” trick is very easy to use and very efficient: braid damp hair prior to going to sleep and wake up with beautiful waves in the morning.

How to get soft hands?
If your hands are very dry, dehydrated and, even, have painful cracks, then try this beauty technique: apply a thick hand cream (or nourishing oil) on your hands, put on light cotton gloves and leave this treatment on overnight. When you wake up your hands will feel very soft, moisturized and smooth.

Smooth your heels
You can go ahead and do similar nourishing treatment for your feet, as well. Massage a thick cream all over your feet, put on cosy cotton socks and go to sleep. In the morning your feet will say “thank you”!

No more pimples!
You can treat your blemishes while you sleep: apply a tea tree oil on top of your pimple and see it diminish and disappear overnight!

Silk pillowcase
Get yourself a silk pillowcase! Not only it’s a true luxury experience, but also, sleeping on a silk pillowcase can be beneficial for your hair, reducing split ends; silk also can help keep your face look fresh and crease-free in the morning!

Best sleeping position
When you sleep on your side or on your stomach, you are more likely to get those undesirable facial lines, as well as under eyes bags, which can become permanent, if you stick to the same sleeping position every night! Try to sleep on your back instead and say farewell to facial lines.

Care for your lips
Exfoliate your lips before heading to bed and then, apply your favorite lip balm or a nourishing oil (olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil) on your lips. Doing this often will help you to forget about chapped lips forever!

Bright eyes
Store your eye cream in your fridge and apply it cool straight from there, when you prepare to go to sleep. Not only it will help prolong the life of your product, but also, cooling effect will help to de-puff and soothe your eyes. You can also apply avocado or sweet almond oil right under your eyes before sleeping. These oils are very nourishing and can take great care for the delicate area under your eyes, so that you will wake up looking fresh and rejuvenated!

Plumper skin
If you live in a dry climate, sleep with a humidifier running during the whole night, it will help add moisture and freshen your skin while you sleep.

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