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7 Ways to Grow Out Your Bangs

If you had your bangs cut and they are too short, it might be difficult to grow them out fast enough. Hair grows on average one-half inch per month. When you are trying to grow your bangs, this can seem excruciatingly slow, but there are ways to help your bangs grow more quickly.

Trim, But Don’t Chop

The secret to growing out bangs successfully may surprise you: Schedule regular trims. While completely chopping off regrowth only causes you to cycle through more bang remorse, regular bang trims actually help your fringe grow longer more quickly. "Trimming promotes healthy hair, and healthier hair is more apt to absorb moisture and vitamins to help it grow," said John Barrett, owner of the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan. He suggested booking a bang trim every six weeks, noting, "not only will trimming bangs keep them looking great, but also trims make bangs easily blendable into the rest of your hair."

Pin It

Disguising the awkward phase of fringe regrowth can be as simple as picking a hairstyle that keeps bangs in check. For shorter, trickier bangs, Barrett suggested parting your hair at an angle; brushing it to the side using a product with weight, such as the styling clay; and then securing the ends with bobby pins, barrettes, or clips, as Diane Kruger does here. "This keeps shorter bangs out of your face," Barrett said. Bonus: With today's hair accessories, you can even find options that are anything but basic.

Jane Tran Hair Bobby Pins, $12 for a set; Cara Bobby Pins, $14 for a set

Get to the Best Part

Now is the time to choose sides. When growing out your bangs, switch from a middle part to one positioned to the left or right, angling it down slightly from the crown of your head, as Emma Stone does here. "An angled part is your best bet when in the growing-out process," Barrett said. "When bangs are positioned at a slight angle, you'll have a better chance of disguising awkward length, as well as keeping them in place with a weighted product."

Think Deep and Weighty

"Keeping your hair moisturized is important; moisture prevents breakage, which is key to successfully growing out bangs," Barrett said. To keep your hair well-hydrated, treat your strands with deep-
conditioning masks. "Deep conditioning should be done about every other week or so [for unprocessed hair], and every week for processed hair," Barrett explained. When styling, choose products with a bit of weight to them, such as a clay, which works to keep those stubborn short hairs from standing at attention when they should be keeping in line.

John Barrett Be Healed Styling Masque, $32; Shu Uemura Art of Hair Clay Definer, $38;

Hang Out With the Band

Sometimes, you simply want your bangs off your forehead altogether. No problem! "Thin headbands are timeless and perfect accessories when growing out bangs," Barrett said. "I see women of every age on the streets with elastic, bohemian-inspired, or chic jeweled headbands." The best part about the versatile accessory? No matter your fringe length, you can pop one on to push your bangs up, back, and away, just like Rachel McAdams—and no one will be the wiser to your hair transition.

Grosgrain Headbands, $11.99; Miu Miu Crystal and Faux Pearl Headband, $300;

Do the Twist

Add this tuck-and-roll technique to your hairstyle repertoire; it serves to mask any awkward fringe regrowth seamlessly. Roll the lengths of your bangs and tuck them along your hairline either tightly or loosely, like AnnaLynne McCord; then secure the roll near your ear using a hairpin or bobby pin.

Perfect a Braid

Braiding strands along the hairline, like Carey Mulligan did here, is another option for varying your look as you grow out your bangs, as well as for keeping ends from dangling in your eyes. Just be cautious with a shorter fringe; to keep ends from poking out, dampen hair with gel, like Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Gel, prior to braiding and then blast the area with hairspray after you finish your plait. Voilá, convenient and chic!

Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Gel, $15.50

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