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6 Tips For Perfect Morning Hair

You know those girls who just wake up on the right side of gorgeous? Will you can be one of them. Here are six ways to jump out of bed with seriously sexy hair:

The Bed Braid:
For loose, bombshell waves, sleep with your hair in a loose plait. Leave the end out so it will have a really natural feel, and apply a shine serum in the AM when you let it out for gorgeous waves.” Try Ghd Smooth and Finish Serum for a glossied effect.

Sleek Preservation:

So you’ve just gotten a blow out and need to keep it slick. but loose, so you don’t lift or skew your roots ponytail and tie up softly. A great trick is to flip your head over and tie up the ponytail while your head is upside down, so no hair is pulled and the natural movement of your layers can be kept in check.

Observe The Golden Rule:

Unless you are doing a masque, it’s a bad idea to go to bed with wet hair. “Sleeping on wet strands is going to lead to breakage and split ends.

Curl Behavior:

A great trick for curls is to apply a mousse before bedtime, blow dry with a diffuser, and let the product do its magic overnight.  "Apply the product and then grab a section of curls and use your fingers to manipulate it into place in the direction of the hair curl,” This’ll help mold the curl into it’s natural curl pattern and, when you wake up and run your fingers through your hair, will help it look more sculpted and less frizzy.  “The aim is to twist the curls into place yourself, rather than extending or pulling the curl out.”

After showering, towel dry your hair and spray Sally Hershberger Glam Wave Texture Spray into small sections and twist each section into a twist or individual braid. It’s a really easy way to get sculpted movement into the hair when you wake up. Upon rising, flip your hair upside down and spritz with a volumizing hairspray, or mellow out if needed by lightly combing. The more sections you do, the tighter the texture will be.

PM Repair:

So you didn’t go to bed with great hair, but you NEED hot hair for the daytime. Apply a nighttime hair masque before you retire. Choose your masque correctly, though. There are both protein and moisture masques available. Anyone who has damaged, fried or colored hair that needs rebuilding should go with a protein-based masque, whereas someone who needs frizz control but isn’t worried so much about damage needs to pump the moisture back in. To slick on your masque (try Bumble & Bumble Deep Protein Masque for damaged hair and Organix Moisture Hydrating Intensive Moisture Masque for frizz) before you hit the sheets, wrap it up in a loose, low bun, and let the product soak in all night (try wrapping it in a shower cap to avoid pillowcase stains).

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