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How to Use a Curling Wand to Create Perfect Waves

If you're tired of the kinks and lines that using a curling iron with a clamp produce, try using a curling wand! These wonderful heat tools work to curl your hair without clipping it in place, creating smooth, full, spirals.

1. Choose your curling wand:
As it turns out, not all curling wands are made equal. The size of your curling wand will determine the outcome of your curls. You also need to consider if you want a tapered curling wand (for spiral-esq curls) or a curling wand with a consistent width.

For smaller curls, choose a curling wand that is 1” wide or smaller. Big, bouncy curls can be made using a curling wand wider than 1”.

Look for the material your wand is made out of; ceramic or tourmaline are typically regarded as the best quality and safest for you hair.

2. Prep your hair:
Brush your dry hair to fully remove any tangles and break up strands.Use heat protection spray and brush throughout hair to stop damage to the hair. Use large hair clips to pin your hair to the top of your head in sections; typically working in three large sections from the bottom to the top of your head works best. Brush out the sectioned hair to make sure all fly-aways are gathered.

3.Allow the iron to preheat:
Seemingly obvious, yes, but waiting for your curling wand to heat up will give a better curl. Give your wand between 2-4 minutes to heat to the desired temperature instead of immediately trying to use it after plugging it in.

4. Pick up a small section of hair:
The rule that applies with all heat tools applies to curling wands as well: don’t try to curl too much hair at once. Select a strand of hair that is no wider than 1”. Strands that are too wide will layer up and won’t be affected by the heat of the wand, causing limp, saggy curls. To create very tight curls, select strands of hair smaller than 1” thick.

5. Wrap the hair around the barrel:
Hold your hair at the end of the strand, and wrap it around the barrel starting at the base. Always curl your hair away from your face. Try to wrap your hair around the base of the barrel, rather than the center or the tip.

6. Wait a few seconds:
Curling wands seem to work faster than typical curling irons, and require only a few seconds. Hold your hair to the iron for 2-5 seconds total, exceeding no more than 10 seconds total.

7. Allow the curl to cool:
To keep your curls tight, hold them in a spiral shape after removing them from the wand while they cool. You can also use a bobby-pin to hold them in place to cool as you curl the rest of your hair. If you would rather have more casual curls, don’t worry about holding them while they’re cool; drop it like its hot!

8. Continue curling your hair:
Repeat the above process, working your way around your head. When necessary, let down sections of hair to curl.

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