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The Best Messy Buns

As my hair gets longer, I keep wanting to throw it back into a bun or ponytail. Since the messy bun is in style right now, I’m in luck because my hair is already wavy…which helps with the whole “messy” look. The day that “messy” is no longer in style…yikes…I’ll have to spend more time on my hair. But until that day comes, I’ll continue experimenting with different bun styles…these are some of my favorites:

Images (top left to right): Braided Updo via Babble; Messy Bun via Lauren Conrad; Sienna Miller’s Braided Body Bun via Brides; Easy + Pretty Updo via The City Sage; Frenchy Ballerina Bun via Salon Styles; Loosely Wrapped Boho Bun via Dustjacket.

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