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How To Promote Hair Growth

If you’re looking to be Rapunzel-esq come summer, the waiting game can have you feeling a little like you’re locked in a tower of short hair purgatory. While there’s no quick fix to grow your hair overnight, our experts stress the importance of diet, protection, and avoiding damage to your hair.

Make sure you’re loading up on protein, healthy fats and vitamins. Protect your growing hair from UV damage by shielding it with a hat if you’re spending a lot of time outside. And, of course, skip blowouts when you can and go for air drying instead.

A common myth is that trimming hair frequently will promote growth. While this simply isn’t true because the hair growth happens at the scalp (and is not determined by what happens at the ends of hair), frequent trims can help the hair appear longer by removing dead split ends that cause the hair to stick out rather than lay flat. And, hey, if all else fails, there are always extensions.

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