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Makeup Tips to Turn Back the Clock

1. Firm Up Your Foundation:
Ever been to a holiday party and poured a little champagne in that punch bowl when no one was looking? Adding a firming serum to your foundation delivers the same type of kick, but to your skin! By adding a few drops of firming serum you've automatically upgraded your makeup to an antiaging treatment. Yes please!

2. Line Up:
Lining the top lash line — as opposed to lining the entire eye — will make your eyes appear more youthful and awake (always a good thing). Want to up the ante? Use a colored liner like a purple or teal. Dark circles, bags and lines will be taking a back seat to your bright-eyed face!

3. Cream Blush:
Instead of powder, opt for a cream-based formula that will give the skin more of a glow. A fresh pop of color on the cheeks is a great way to instantly lend your mug some youthful vibrance.

4. Neutralize That Neck:
Because of its hypersensitivity, the neck area is typically a dead giveaway to your age. Pull the wool over everyone’s eyes by applying a little foundation (a la Step #1.) to the neck to cover any dark spots or pigmentation. Add some warmth with bronzer, which helps the skin appear more naturally smooth.

5. Bring On the Highlight:
 When in doubt (or in a rush) grab some highlighter. When the skin is brighter, it appears more supple and smooth. Highlight some common aging “problem areas” like the brows and under the eyes.

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