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Practical Tips For More Kissable Lips

From wonderful kisses to fabulous expressions, it’s no wonder you want your lips soft and sensuous. Here are some practical tips to achieve all your lips can be:

1. Exfoliate:
For soft, kissable lips, you must remove old, dead skin cells that make your lips feel rough and dry.
Having said that, you should never use a body exfoliator on your lips! Purchase a lip scrub, specifically designed for your lips and use it a few times each week.
For a lower maintenance exfoliation tool, try brushing your lips lightly with a toothbrush before heading to bed.

2. Protect Your Lips From Damage:
Always keep a lip balm with SPF protection with you at all times.
Do not forget to always balm to your lips before heading outdoors, as the skin on your lips is very sensitive. Without proper protection from the sun, you could end up with burned, cracked and discolored lips.

3. Line Your Lips:
You should always apply a lip liner for a more defined appearance. You can choose a liner that matches your lip color or a natural color.
When applying a liner, start with the “V-shape” on the top of your lip and with short feathery strokes, apply the liner from the top to the corner of your mouth. Start in one corner of your bottom lip and sweep across to the other side.

4. Lip Primer:
You should always apply a lip primer before applying color to your lips. While this may seem unnecessary, but if you want your lip color to glide on perfectly and stay in place, then a lip primer is an absolute must.
Lip primers can help make your lips smooth, allowing an even color application and extend the life of your color.

5. Use Light-Colored Lipsticks:
Using light-colored lipsticks will maximize the size of your mouth. Stay away from darker colors as they tend to make your lips look smaller.
If you want your lips to look fuller, apply a lip gloss over your lipstick. Also, apply a small amount of highlighting power in the grove between your nose and your top lip, sometimes called “angel kiss”.

6. Daily Hydration:
Maintaining moisture is critical for smooth, soft lips. Just moisturizing the outside of your lips is not enough. You must drink plenty of water to hydrate your lips from the inside.
If you are dehydrated, your lips will appear deflated and wrinkled as well as a cracking/dry appearance. If you have age lines showing around your mouth, they will appear quite prominent.

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