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Weird Makeup Tricks

1. Ran out of makeup remover? In a pinch, use a few drops of olive oil to get rid of makeup and moisturize your face at the same time. Just be careful to avoid getting olive oil in your eye if you’re using it to take off mascara or other eye makeup. Use a tissue to wipe the oil off once you’re done.

2. To cover up dark circles, add a pinch of orange pigment to your concealer. Typically, concealer can be chalky or white, but underneath your eyes, orange can work to counteract the blue or purple undertone that causes dark circles.

3. You don’t necessarily have to use brushes for their given purpose. Clean off old mascara wands to use on your eyebrows, apply lipstick with a concealer brush for more precision, and use a lip brush to get your eyeliner just right.

4. Mascara has a tendency to dry out pretty quickly which can cause clumps. To infuse a bit of moisture and make your mascara last longer, put 3-4 drops of Visine in the tube and swirl the brush around.

5. Give your lipstick extra staying power with this simple trick: Once you apply the first layer, place a tissue over your mouth, and swirl a large brush in translucent powder. Tap the brush over your lips through the tissue. This will help to absorb any excess oil that can make the lipstick slip off.

6. Pencil eyeliners tend to dry out a bit, causing them to pull your eyelid as you apply (which can cause irritation and premature wrinkles). To help the pencil glide easier, dip it into just a bit of sheer lip balm before placing it to your eye.

7. Nothing’s worse than dropping a makeup compact and having the powder shatter. To fix a broken compact, pour a bit of rubbing alcohol into the powder, then stir the powder to mix with the liquid. Once it’s all one consistency, settle the compact on a flat surface and let dry for about 24 hours.

8. Foundation should be smooth, but when you’ve got dry skin, it can come out looking a bit cakey and uneven. For a smoother makeup application, add one pump of moisturizer to your liquid foundation and mix together in your hand, warming up the liquid as you swirl the products together. The warmer temperature and more hydrating mix will allow for the foundation to go on smooth.

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