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Tape trick-for perfect winged liner

The tape method: it is super easy and I probably just could have easily explained it using my words–but who doesn’t like pictures to go with? This is simply going to show you another way to apply winged liner if you have a difficult time getting a “perfect” wing or if you don’t have steady hands. A few considerations: If you have sensitive skin, don’t put tape on it! You can also do this by holding a business card or something with a hard edge up diagonally against your eye….I would have shown this instead of tape but it is a wee bit difficult to hold a business card up to your eye and photograph it at the same time, only have so many hands.

Apply a piece of tape underneath the eye so that it is pointed towards the end of the brow. If you want a less angled wing then angle it further down—it is up to you. The placement of your tape is going to dictate the angle of your wing. You may want to hold off applying your under eye concealer and foundation because the tape is going to take it off wherever it is placed. Your piece of tape does not need to be this long-I was just showing it for effect. Wherever you place it, make sure that it is pressed against your skin so that when you apply your liner none of it bleeds through.

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