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Ways to Try the Winged Eyeliner Trend

8 Ways to Try the Winged Eyeliner Trend

Focus on shape
When you're figuring out the angle of your wings, make sure they line up with the outer corners of your eyebrows. Not only will it help make both sides symmetrical, but it'll flatter your eyes and bring out your cheekbones.

Line the outer corners
For a doe-eyed look, only line the outer corners of your eyes. The look is subtle—but seriously chic.

Pair with a bright lip
When it comes to strong lips and eyes, you've probably heard that you should only pick one. But a nice thick swipe of liner looks awesome with a punchy lip color, creating a strong look that's not overkill.

Go bold
Looking for instant glam that transitions from the classroom to a dance? Thick liner looks gorgeous on everyone.

Play up your eyes
Bangs and a classic cateye are a match made in beauty heaven.

Doll up for daytime
A skinny line is perfect for a casual-cool look. Plus, it makes your eyelashes look extra long and thick!

Double trouble
Want to take your liner to a new level? Extend the wings to your lower lashline for a gorgeous statement.

Go for '60s chic
Get your Twiggy on! The wide-eyed supermodel made this an iconic look during the Mod era.

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